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Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta. Serving Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, County of Parkland, Edmonton and Area. Have Questions? Call us at 780-962-3663. or Chef Steven at 780-289-8835. He will be happy to talk to you in person. Thank you!! 😊
Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta. Questions? Call us at 780-962-3663.


If you just need Delicious Food for any Event, even a Wedding, this is the place to order Menu Items that you can serve at your event.  Hot Food will be Hot.  Cold Food will be Cold.  Decorated and ready yo put out and serve to your guests.

This is SUCH A SIMPLE SYSTEM and we have just added it to our Food Choices as it is truly a convenient and very cost effective method of serving a Selection of Fabulous Food.

It will come in a box, labelled and ready to go.  No Fuss or Muss!  It is a totally new idea, that we tried several times in 2022 and are now ready to offer it to our Customers.  Picked Up or Delivered. Charge may apply for delivery. 

For a Wedding, it is strongly suggested you use the following formula, which we have found successful for the past 37 years.

1 Main Meat.  I Secondary Meat. 1 Third Item (Cabbage Roll, Perogies etc) 1 Potato (or Starch) 2 Vegetables. 3 - 4 Salads; As a Minimum.  Optional Desserts and Accompaniments.  Very Simple.  Everything will be placed into Sturdy Aluminum Disposable Trays, Decorated as required.  Into a Sturdy, Custom Box to keep the Food Hot or Cold and ready for service.  It is suggested it arrive at the event as close to service time as possible, to avoid long holding times, especially for the hot food.

Be patient please while I add items to this list!!


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