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Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta. Serving Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, County of Parkland, Edmonton and Area. Have Questions? Call us at 780-962-3663. or Chef Steven at 780-289-8835. He will be happy to talk to you in person. Thank you!! 😊
Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta. Questions? Call us at 780-962-3663.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Can I get 2 or 3 of one item from the 6 I choose?

A. Unfortunately, the system only allows for 1 selection of each menu item, from a choice of 8.

Q. Can I get 6 roast beef?

A. No.  This is not possible.  The system is set up for a total of 6 (1 of each menu item) from a choice of 8.

Q. Can I get it without onions? Peas? Broccoli? Garlic? etc. etc.

 A. No, this is not possible.  Please check the Ingredient List shown with each item.  We try not to have unpopular ingredients prepared with our meals, but cannot "leave out" or "add in" items.

Q.  Do you have dessert?

 A. Not at this time, but we do plan to have a variety of 6 pack desserts offered to our customers in the near future. Please check back.

Q. Is the Gravy/Sauce on the food or on the side?

 A. The Gravy/Sauce is served on the food.

Q. Do you have salad?

A. No, we offer frozen meal options only at this time.

Q. Do you have low sodium options?

 A. Yes.  All of our Food Preparation is geared to being Low Sodium. We do not add salt to enhance flavour, but herbs and low sodium seasonings instead.

Q. Why only 6?  Can I get 7?

A. The program is to provide 6 meals per week only, which does cover the wishes of most customers that have spoken to us. 

Q. How do you heat the meals?

A. Either in the Oven or Microwave. Instructions do vary, depending on the Meal Item, but they are printed on every meal, to give you peace of mind.

Q. How long can I keep the meals?

All our meals are frozen fresh for you and were made the week before you receive them. We recommend eating them within 30 days. 
Once thawed, they have a refrigerator-life of approximately 5 days (unopened).

Q. Can I change the Day and/or Time that I choose for Delivery or Pick-Up?

A. Obviously, we prefer you stick to the original choice, but if you have to change the Day and Time, you can email or phone us to do that. Pick-ups are easy to change. Scheduled Deliveries are little harder, but with notice, they can be changed.  Once your meals are on the Truck for delivery though, we cannot change it, without further charges.

For any changes, please phone us at 780-962-3663, or email us at

Changes require 48-hour notice.

Q. How are the Meals packaged?  

A. All our meals are packaged nicely in Plastic Containers that can be used in the Oven or Microwave. The are sealed with a special film that can also be placed in your oven.