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Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta. Have Questions? Call us at 780-962-3663 😊
Location of Store is 55 Alberta Avenue, Spruce Grove. Alberta.


I have been a professional chef now since 1976.  44 years!  Wow and how time has flown.  I founded Elizabethan Catering Services Ltd., in 1985. 35 years ago and still going strong. We are onsite caterers. We cater to Weddings, Corporate Events, Private Parties or any kind of event that needs catering.  We have catered to 12 Alberta Winter and Summer Games, providing 27,000 meals over a 3 days period.  We know what we are doing!

Since the COVID crisis hit us in the first week of March, business literally stopped. No bookings. No Catering to Groups. Nothing whatsoever happening. The phones died. Deposits stopped coming in.  Inquiries were extremely slim on the ground and the whole scenario suddenly terrified me. With no money coming in, we had to do something and do it quickly.

I had seen many restaurants and caterers offering family meals as a take-out or delivery basis.  I checked out what was going on, and decided that usually I can do anything better than anyone else, so decided to get a program up and running as soon as possible, but without rushing it so that we had some great products to offer our customers - consistently and we did not look foolish in the process.

We have an endless list of recipes, so delicious food did not concern me. That was a given.  However, we are not a shop and did not want people strolling in. Right from the start, I wanted a "No Contact" pickup.  So, lots to do.  Website to build. Packaging to sort out. Labeling to organize. Marketing. Portions to figure out and many, many tasks that had to be completed. It was an adventure to say the least. Many 12 - 14 hour days and many changes made, based on feedback from my trusty focus group.

Anyway, I digress.  The most important point I want to say in this note, is that I am totally and utterly obsessed with creating great meals for a fair price, consistently and to create repeat customers.  The reviews so far have exceeded my wildest dreams. For our Easter Feats, of which we served over 500, we received ONE negative comment, which related to presentation of one of the meals, and was helpful in nature. The rest were all so outstanding, I realized that we were "doing it" and making great meals and getting great feedback! Perfect.

So on we go, making changes, adding new meal items, but still totally dedicated to being the best at what we do.  One part of the process that I have absolutely loved, even though it is so hard to keep up, is constant live contact with customers, either by phone, email or social media.  I truly love that.  I can ask questions.  I can ask what would work better, and how to improve and never get complacent and assume anything. Customers are my reason for being and to listen to them and act upon their comments, ideas and suggestions, brings me great joy.  

Feel free to contact me at any time. If you don't like something - tell me.  Any ideas or suggestions - tell me.  You would be surprised how quickly I react.  Because I am so "Customer Driven", it is important not just to listen but also to act upon any good ideas for new ideas or just how to improve the tiniest of things.  Ingredients of the meals are important and also how to reheat them.  It took me a week, but those as now in place. I asked one customer if the instructions we easily understood and she reworded them for me, and I used her template for all the meals. Can't beat that.

So, in conclusion, please help me make this program a success. Let me know what you think. Good, bad or ugly or any ideas/comments/suggestions you may have.  I would so love to hear from you...............Thank you!!

 You can contact me directly at or 780-289-8835 (Text or phone), or any other way you like.

Chef Steven